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How to deal with street harassment

Street harassment is an issue that affects all genders. It’s not just a woman’s problem, and it doesn’t just happen when you’re wearing skimpy clothing or walking alone at night. Street harassment can happen to anyone and any time of day and in any type of attire.  In the United States, about 65% of females […]

Top 4 Skilled Trades for Women Pursuing Unconventional Careers

Since the beginning of the digital age, the roles and functions of women have significantly evolved. There have been growing talks of the need to create gender diversity and incorporate women in male-dominated fields. Gone are the days when women were confined to the home to perform housekeeping duties. Following the turn of the century, […]

7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Things

Do you love everything handmade but can’t explain why? Or, do you want to buy a handmade item but not sure if it’s a good decision? Well… You aren’t alone. The “handmade effect,” according to a study published on the International Review of Management and Business Research (IRMBR) journal, positively impacts customers’ buying intention. Handmade […]