About Us


Alice R. Garlock

Meet Alice R. Garlock, the founder of womansindustrialexchange.org, a blog that empowers and educates women and articulates issues on feminism. Alice is a Masters Holder in Gender Studies, which she also did in her Undergraduate studies.

Since graduation, she has worked as a women’s rights advocate pursuing justice for women in racial nations. She believes and supports women to have equal rights in political, corporate, and religious positions.

The drive to start this blog was when she visited Ghana, an African country in West Africa. The women had no chance to go to schools and were to be seen and not heard. The literacy levels among women were less than 5%.

This was just an example of what happens in most African countries and remote parts of the Western nations. She vowed to stand out and educate women to stand for their rights and fight for equality.


To empower, inspire, encourage and fight for the rights of women across the globe.


To become a well-sought-after organization in the fight against women’s rights and pursue justice in areas where these rights have been violated.