Top 4 Skilled Trades for Women Pursuing Unconventional Careers

Since the beginning of the digital age, the roles and functions of women have significantly evolved. There have been growing talks of the need to create gender diversity and incorporate women in male-dominated fields. Gone are the days when women were confined to the home to perform housekeeping duties.

Following the turn of the century, women persistently ask to be given more responsibilities in the running of the global space. This trend is evident in the continued increase in the number of women holding various jobs and positions. Presently, about 58% of women in the United States are in the labor force. They’ve achieved this through several women empowerment platforms that were set up to give a voice for women.

However, the skilled trades sector still suffers a shortage of women. Only a little more than 10 percent of them in the general workforce is making a career out of skilled trades. There used to be an ideology that skilled jobs are better suited for men, as they’re physically intensive, and the use of tools and machines is required. This ideology has, however, been quashed by the rising number of women thriving in those jobs.

Discussed in this article are the top five skilled tradeswomen who are interested in making a career out of unconventional jobs can pursue.

1.  Welding

There is often a misconception concerning this trade; many think it’s a profession mainly for men. It explains the poor representation of the gender in the field, as only about 5.9 percent of women in the American workforce is making a career out of welding.  It’s not true; welding is a profession that any non-disabled man and woman can do.

As a woman, if you’re looking for a career that deviates from conventional jobs, welding is a good one to explore. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost much to dabble; you need training and some equipment of value. Delving into the profession has a lot to offer you as a woman, and they include among others;

·        High demand for the profession/Job Security

The modern welding industry consists of a large percentage of people who are either retiring from the job or focusing on other endeavors. Against this backdrop comes an increase in the country’s population and continued growth of the industrial sector. There’s a significant need for new welders to fill this gap. By going into the profession, you’d be sure of job security as your services will always be required.

·        High Pay

Making a career out of welding will earn you more financial rewards than many conventional female-dominated jobs like nursing, pre-school teachers, receptionists, and many others.

·        Flexibility

Welding, unlike a regular job like banking, offers flexibility. You can be a welder and still manage other endeavors. It’s a profession where you can be your boss and set your timeline.

2.  Electrical Engineer

Electricians across the United States earn an average annual salary of over $60,000. So, it’s a highly lucrative venture. And contrary to beliefs that it’s a trade for men only, women are making headway in it. Electricians enjoy massive patronage in the US, and there will always be a high demand for them.

Just like welding, making a career out of electrical engineering as a woman offers you flexibility. You could be an electrician earning lots of money and still work other jobs, unlike many conventional 9-5 jobs.

3.  Carpentry

While carpentry is a male-dominated field, it’s no news that women are needed in the profession to create a balance. “What a man can do, a woman can do better” is a line used by many women to show that they’re capable and ready to take on tasks that have, over the years, been considered ‘men’s jobs.’

A career in carpentry would be the right choice for a woman as there’s much money to be made from it, and it also offers the flexibility many routine jobs can’t afford. Besides that, it allows being creative and innovative.

4.  Plumbing

When the word ‘plumbing’ is mentioned, what usually comes to many people is a picture of a man in a jumpsuit, with a bag of tool slung over their shoulder, ready to do some pipe works. Only very few people see the picture of a woman in the same circumstance. That’s to confirm that it’s indeed a male-dominated field.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that there are women who’re making great strides in the profession. It’s a trade that offers lots of financial benefits; you get to dictate whom to work for and when to work. Also, it’s a profession in high demand, further giving you the job security you need.


Not everyone cherishes the idea of working in a conventional 9-5 office setting. Many people, male and female, desire to be their boss someday, and that’s a difficult thing to achieve with regular 9 am-5 pm jobs. There’s, therefore, the need to explore the informal job sector.

The skilled trades sector isn’t just a man’s world, and there’s no greater joy than being able to dictate your life’s growth and career development as a woman. Making a career out of a skilled trade will give you the kind of job satisfaction that most conventional jobs can’t. Many women are doing it already; you can also do it.