Empowering Women: Tips for Using TIG and MIG Welders

For a long time, some skills like welding, metalwork, and woodwork have been left for men. Women have shied away from such activities but in the digital era, there is a paradigm shift. Women have been empowered and have ventured into such activities without fear. Customers who have got the opportunity to be served by women in the metalwork have all praises to the touch of class and professionalism they have displayed in their line of duty. These are people who are keen to details especially when it comes to a wider operating range of TIG welder. Here are a few tips that the beginners need to consider when using the MIG and TIG welders

1.      Use minimum power

This is an electric machine. The fact that you are learning how to use the power supply and at the same time you are learning how to handle the machine, you need to go slow in this. Just have a minimum power supply to avoid the metal from burning and further causing serious accidents. To achieve this you need to take advantage of the power settings that are available on this type of welders.

2.      Get the right angle of the torch

Visibility is crucial when it comes to welding. The best and average angle of torch should be between 15 and 20 degrees that are from the eyes and the welded surface. This is what we call the path of travel. This distance gives you proper access to make sure that the filler is of the right quantity with minimal interference.

3.      Make sure the material is ever clean

The outcome of the welding work lies in the smoothness of the material. As a beginner, you need to have a brush to clean the surfaces to have a difference in the outcome.

4.      Use protective gear at all times

Safety and protection is something you cannot afford to compromise. You need to have a helmet and hand gloves as well as the right goggles to protect your eyes. Each protective gear has a purpose and this means that you need to have them at all times. You may only understand this when there is an accident and you find that the protective gear is your savior.

5.      Take care when dealing with stainless steel

Stainless steel is a delicate metal that needs care especially when it comes to heat and temperature control. Excess heat affects its stability while low heat also affects its overall finish. You need to understand the right temperature which you get from the manual to avoid dirty and shoddy metalwork.

Women are a rare species when it comes to details. They may never go wrong with MIG and TIG welders, thanks to women empowerment programs that have opened their eyes to this male-dominated field. Although they face challenges in the workplace depending on the culture and way of life of people within the location, still they have managed to pull through and become renowned in the metalwork field. www.bestweldinghelmet.review/mig-welders/